jet (jet420) wrote in vampirefreaks,

VampireFreaks Halloween Contests Plus Events!

Halloween's only a couple days away, hope you guys are preparing for our favorite time of year. Reminders:
We have 2 VF Halloween Contests:
-Halloween Costume Contest
-Halloween Graphic Design Contest
Check out the contest details here


Halloween Massacre 5 This Thursday October 29th in NYC!

This is our official VampireFreaks annual Halloween Party! Not to be missed!
Featuring a live performance by Doomsday Refreshment Committee
Full Event Details Here


Also @ The VampireFreaks Store NYC:
We're clearing out all our Halloween Costumes at 30% Off! So all you last minute shoppers in the NYC area make sure you Come Down To The VF Store
VampireFreaks Store NYC
189 Avenue A (between 11th and 12th st)
New York, NY


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